The 19th Heywood, Lancashire, Chess Congress

June 22-23 2013

19th Heywood Chess Congress pulls in the players!

A full Heywood Civic Hall managed to avoid the countrywide decline in attendances. On-line entry and payment again proved successful, even more so than last year. Participants came from Peine in Germany, Shrewsbury, Durham, Banbury, York, Stafford, Sheffield, Lincoln, Stoke, Milton Keynes and Cumbria, alongside Heywood and Lancashire players.

The VAN LEEUWEN OPEN was won by Ali Jaunooby of Denton with some sharp tactics, with a 4½/5 score, which also won him the NCCU Individual championships. Young Joe Phillips of Bolton finished in the top three again.

First place in the DATA MATTERS MAJOR was shared with 4 points by Mitchell Burke of 3C’s and Brendan Brown of Cliteroe, Brendan recovering excellently from a first round loss. Third place was shared by three players who were just a half point behind the winners.

In the LINK4LIFE INTERMEDIATE, John Paul Taylor of Macclesfield was the winner, finishing unbeaten on 5/5. Tim Hilton was clear in second with 4/5.

The ANTONIN WELEMINSKY MINOR also had a clear winner on 5/5, David Grobler of Netherton. William Egan took clear second with 4/5. Seven players shared in third place and grading prizes.

The KUMON MATHS & ENGLISH NOVICE was won by Nicholas Coghlan of Wigan with 4½/5. Derek Marston of Heywood was one of three players who shared second.

Organiser Bill O'Rourke said "With the general economic situation, I was really concerned that numbers may fall badly, as suffered by most other congresses. Fortunately that didn't happen and we had a great event again". Bill once again stressed the importance of the sponsors to the event: "Quite simply, without our sponsors, this event could not take place – many thanks to Van Leeuwen Steel Tubes of Bury and Aberdeen, Data Matters, Link4life and Kumon Maths & English from Heywood. My thanks to all the Civic Hall staff who help the event to run smoothly, and all the background volunteers who help keep this event as one of the best in the North".

Click here to view some photographs from the event (note that this page may take a few moments to load).

Next year’s chess congress at Heywood will be take place on June 21-22 2014. Meanwhile the Heywood chess club continues to meet at the Hopwood Unionist Club on Tuesdays at 7.30.


VAN LEEUWEN OPEN (crosstable)

1st Ali Reza Jaunooby (Denton) 4½ £350

2nd Mike Surtees (Great Lever) 4 £160

3rd= Joe McPhillips (Bolton) and Alex Richardson (Newcastle-Under-Lyme) 3½ £40 each

Grading Prize: Richard Bryant (Chester), Eric Gardiner (Hull) and Paul Isherwood 2½ £6.70 each



1st= Mitchell Burke (3C’s) and Brendan Brown (Clitheroe) 4 £225 each

3rd= Mick Riding (Tynemouth), Damian McCarthy (Padgate) and Steven Carr 3½ £26.50 each

Grading Prize: Harry Baxter (Alwoodley), Tony Slinger (Undercliffe), Glenn Trueman (Marple) and Nathaniel Paul (Newport) 3 £5 each



1st John Paul Taylor (Macclesfield) 5 £250

2nd Tim Hilton (Denton) 4 £120

3rd= Chris Jardine (Great Lever), Mark Wadsworth (Atticus) and Michael McDonagh (Capenhurst) 3½ £20 each

Grading Prizes: Mick Connor (Great Lever) 3, Stephen Ward (Radcliffe), 2½ £20 each



1st David Grobler (Netherton) 5 £250

2nd William Egan (North Lincolnshire) 4 £120

3rd= Noel Stewart  (Yorkshire), Jim Wiseman (Liverpool), Chris Lewis (Shropshire) and Steve Rush (Stockport) 3½ £15 each.  Also George Scattergood (Holmes Chapel) 111-116 section and Phil Green (Birkenhead) 3½ U111 section and grading prize £20 total each

Grading Prize: 117 and above: Vince Logan (Salford) 3 £20



1st Nicholas Coghlan (Wigan) 4½ £100

2nd= Derek Marston (Heywood), Sharon Daniel (Bolton School) and Kenneth Parkin (Enigma) 3½ £23.33 each


Puzzle competition winner: £10 was awarded at prize-giving.

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