The 16th Heywood, Lancashire, Chess Congress

June 19-20 2010


16th Heywood Chess Congress keeps pulling them in

The sixteenth Heywood chess congress held at the Heywood Civic Hall continued to pull in top grade players to Heywood last weekend from locally, regionally and nationally, with participants from Peine in Germany, Zurich, Cornwall, London, Middlesbrough, Scarborough, Rhyl, Scunthorpe and Stratford.

The FRIENDS OF HEYWOOD OPEN was not totally dominated by Heywood’s Grandmaster Keith Arkell, as he had to share first prize with Alexey Slavin from London. Michael Rabbitte of Heywood was not far behind and won a grading prize.

First place in the DATA MATTERS MAJOR was shared between young Christoph Helmer of Peine, Mitchell Burke of 3C's and Richard Bryant of Chester. Uwe Schmidt of Peine gained a grading prize.

The ANTONIN WELEMINSKY INTERMEDIATE was shared between Clive Davies (Rose Forgrove) and Steven Jones (Padgate). But the fun was in the grading prizes – Heywood’s Jim Tennant-Smith shared with Peine regular Erhardt Hentzschel!

There was further good news for the Peine Chess Club in the ORB ASSOCIATES MINOR, where an excellent performance from Henrik Schmidt enabled him to take first prize.

The excellent news for Heywood was in the KUMON MATHS NOVICE, which was won by Alex Rabbitte of Heywood. Alex is the youngest of four chess playing Rabbitte brothers, and is clearly another one to watch.

Organiser Bill O’Rourke said "Besides my usual thanks to all the sponsors, I must congratulate the excellent performance of our German twin town counterparts. Besides having a great week with them, they have played very well this weekend and deserve all the prizes they have won."





1st= Keith Arkell (Heywood) and Alexey Slavin (Kings Head) 4/5 £225 each

3rd= Don Mason (Shirley) and Mike Surtees (Bolton) 3.5/5 £40 each

Grading prize U183: Michael Rabbitte (Heywood) 3/5 £20



1st= Richard Bryant (Chester), Mitchell Burke (3C’s) and Christoph Helmer (Peine) 4/5 £133.67 each

Grading prizes U170: Uwe Schmidt (Peine) and Brendan Kane (Aigburth) 3/5 £10 each



1st= Clive Davies (Rose Forgrove) and Steven Jones (Padgate) 4/5 £120 each

3rd= Robert Clegg (Huddersfield) and Damien McCarthy (Padgate) 3.5/5 £20 each

Grading prizes U150: Jim Tennant-Smith (Heywood) and Erhardt Hentzschel (Peine) 2.5/5 £10 each



1st Henrik Schmidt (Peine) 4.5/5 £160

2nd= David Buckell (Pendle) and Paul Horman (Morecambe) 4/5 £60 each

Grading prizes:

130-122 Thomas Wenderhals (Peine), Neil Jerzynek (Oldham), David Scorer (Pendle) and Sri Sriharab (York Railway Institute) 3.5/5 £5 each

121-110 Matthew Fanning (Atherton) and Lee Baron (Bury) 3.5/5 £10 each

U110 Philip Green (Littlewoods), James Waddington (Bolton) and Gerry Whitehead (Salford) 2.5/5 £6.66 each



1st Alex Rabbitte (Heywood) 4/5 £50

2nd Charles Williamson (Leyland) 3.5/5 £20

3rd Colin Friar (Prescot & Knotty Ash) 3/5 £10


Puzzle competition winner: Stephen Jacquest (Ormskirk) £10

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