The 8th Heywood, Lancashire, Chess Congress

June 22-23 2002


Local, regional and international success for Heywood Chess!

150 players from all over the country – and Europe – descended on Heywood Civic Hall last weekend to participate in the Heywood chess congress. Held over two days, participants from Germany, Spain and Hungary were joined by Chess Grandmaster Keith Arkell from Worcestershire. Also represented were Durham, Scotland, Wales and the Isle of Thanet!

Lady Mayor Lil Murphy called in during the weekend to see the Grandmaster gradually establish a winning margin in the Open section – though he was pushed all the way by local talent. Especially pleasing was the participation of seven chess players from the Peine Chess Club, Heywood’s twin town. Peine’s Steven Heycke was at one stage looking likely to win his section but had to settle for a grading prize.

Heywood’s Bob Newton grabbed some of the spoils by finishing third in the Major section. Congress organiser Bill O’Rourke was especially surprised to be the winner of a prize himself in the Intermediate section, but put his prize money back into the congress funds before there were any cries of ‘fix’!

"The event has been another spectacular success for Heywood, and it was especially pleasing to see so many youngsters playing" said Bill. "The atmosphere, venue and Civic Hall management and staff were spot on. But it needs to be stressed that without the magnificent support of the Heywood Advertiser, Dunnes Stores, Heywood On-Line and Kumon Maths the event quite simply couldn’t take place – hire of the hall from RMBC is very costly. It’s a pity the council don’t support the event, which brings visitors from all over to our town, like other councils – most events get their Town Halls free, and some even make a contribution towards the running of the event."





1st GM Keith Arkell (Worcestershire) 4.5/5 £300

2nd= Dale James (3C’s), Oliver Jackson (Cheshire) and Adam Ashton (3C’s) 4/5 £77 each

Grading prize: Chris Dunlop (Crusaders) 3.5/5 £20



1st John Garnett (Elmwood) 4/5 £200

2nd Andrew Jaques (Axa) 3.5/5 £100

3rd= Chino Atako (Atticus) and Robert Newton (Heywood) 3/5 £12.50 each

3rd= and grading prize: Paul Evans (Bray Valley) and Chris Vassiliou (Chorlton) 3.5/5 £23 each

Grading prizes: Mark Taylor (Rochdale) and Edward Taylor (Atticus) 2/5 £10 each



1st Gary Gray (Wallasey) 4.5/5 £180

2nd= Suzie Blackburn (Grappenhall), Michael Connor (Great Lever) and Martin Burns (Stockport) 4/5 £45 each

Grading prizes:

U124 Clive Woolley (Urmston) 3/5 £20

125-132 Bill O’Rourke (Heywood) 3.5/5 £20



1st= Neil Coward (Axa) and Dave Summerland (Rose Forgrove) 4.5/5 £120 each

3rd= Michael Doherty (Chorlton), Maziar Jalini (Rose Forgrove), Angel Gonzales (West End Halifax) and Ed Taylor (Wallasey) 4/5 £10 each

Grading prizes:

102-93 Steve Heycke (Peine) 4/5 £20

92-80 Richard Glover (3C’s), Bruce Maclean (Atticus) and Mark Price (Atticus) 3.5/5 £6.70 each

U80 Michael Compston (3C’s) and Charles Sharp (Padgate) 3/5 £10 each



1st Thomas Lawton (Atticus) 4.5/5 £50

2nd Dave Jones (Hunts Cross) 4/5 £20

3rd= Stephen Haddock (Blackburn), James Carrington (Tameside), John Hughes (Chorley), Paul Tinton (Chorley) and Rob Hart (Chorley) 3.5/5 £2 each


Puzzle competition winner: John Hughes (Chorley) £10

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