The 5th Heywood, Lancashire, Chess Congress

June 19-20 1999

Heywood Chess Congress continues to shine

Throughout last weekend the Heywood Civic Hall in Lancashire was packed with competitors for Heywood’s fifth chess congress. Competitors from as far as America, Columbia, Scotland, Wales, London and Newcastle were present.

Bill O’Rourke, Congress Director, reports: "Heywood can be proud of this event. The Civic Hall was again a magnificent venue, and the event showed a magnificent increase of 10% in numbers over last year, owing a great deal to the sponsorships supplied by the Heywood Advertiser, Barclays Heywood, the Freemasons Arms Hotel, Dunnes Stores and Orb Associates, and to the support given this year by the Metropolitan Borough Council. This year we have had Grandmaster Keith Arkell playing again, who says not to change anything about the congress - it’s great as it is!”

Shortly after 9 a.m. the Mayor David Murphy and his wife Anne got the games under way. In the Open, Arkell (chasing Onyx Grand Prix points) had several tough games but managed to win his section with a clear 5/5. Performance of the congress came from young Stewart Haslinger of Formby, losing only to Arkell in a tense last round game. However Stewart became the Northern Counties individual champion, and also the Northern Counties junior champion at the same time! Charles Storey of Newcastle clinched the British Championships place that was on offer.

Heywood chess club player 15 year old Adam Wiseman came close in the Intermediate section with another outstanding performance. Heywood’s Antonin Weleminsky continued to belie his age (he is 92!) and won the prize for the highest Heywood points scorer. The total prize fund of £1900 was presented by the Mayor.

1999 Open Winner - GM Keith ArkellOpen Winner - GM Keith Arkell with Mayor David Murphy and his wife Anne





1st GM Keith Arkell 5/5 £300

2nd Stewart Haslinger 4/5 £150

3rd= Graham Lilley (Lancaster), Ben Hague (Rochdale) and Charles Storey (Eldon Square Exiles) 3.5/5 £26.67 each

Grading prizes: Kirk Gornall (Crusaders), Malcolm Peacock (Preston), Alan Walton (3C’s), Paul Isherwood (Preston), Chris Waters (Tynemouth) and Adam Ashton (3C’s)

Stewart Haslinger becomes the 1998-99 NCCU Individual Champion and the NCCU Junior Champion

Charles Storey qualifies for the British Championships at Scarborough in August



1st= Armand Catz (Rochdale), Neil Moss (Ashton) and Carlos Izarra (Columbia) 4/5 £116.67 each

Grading prizes: Gareth Mitchell, David Patrick (Courier), Peter Widrascu (West End) and Les Baker (London)



1st Nick Barnaby 4.5/5 (East Cheshire) £160

2nd= Clive Davies (Rose Forgrove), Paul Evans (Bray Valley), Neil Smith (Millom) and Richard Clissold (Warrington) 4/5

Grading prizes: Adam Wiseman (Heywood), Mick Connor (East Cheshire), Neil Howe (Hull) and Tony Pawson (Leeds)



1st= Neil Coward (GRE Lytham), Barry Wardle (Earl of Arundel), Paul Haig (Carlisle) and David Sugden (West End) 4.5/5 £62.50 each

Grading prizes: David Scorer (Nelson), Andrew Smith (Lytham Ex), Andrew Bramwell (Southport), Paul Plant (Rochdale St. Pats) and Malcolm Plant (Rochdale St. Pats)



1st Thomas Lawton (Atticus) 4.5/5 £40

2nd= Tony Haigh (Holyhead) and Carl Atkinson (Crusaders) 4/5 £15 each


Puzzle competition winner: Robert Collier (West End) £10


Total entry = 185 players

Total prize fund = £1900

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