The 3rd Heywood, Lancashire, Chess Congress

June 21-22 1997

Heywood players shine at Heywood Congress

Players from the two year old Heywood chess club confirmed their improvement this year with five players winning prizes at the 3rd Heywood Chess Congress held at the Civic Centre last weekend. 14 year old Adam Wiseman won the Novice section with an outstanding performance, keeping his cool in a tense finish. Andrew Martin took a share of the second prize. In the Major section, Heywood Chess Club’s President, 70 year old Jim Tennant-Smith, defied the years to finish equal second. Harry Davies and Paul Hopkins also won grading prizes. Adam Wiseman also won a share of the Lancashire Chess Association centenary prize for his high score. Over 20 players from Heywood competed.

Throughout the weekend the Civic Hall was packed with 183 competitors for Heywood’s third chess congress. Following on from the success of the first two congresses, the response to this event was incredible, with competitors from as far as Wales, London, Plymouth and Middlesbrough.

Bill O’Rourke, Congress Director, reported: "Heywood has managed again to reverse the national trend with a magnificent increase of 13% in numbers over last year, owing a great deal to the sponsorships supplied by the Heywood Advertiser, Barclays Heywood and Orb Associates".

Shortly before 9am the Mayor Jane Gartside got the games under way. In the open, grandmaster Mark Hebden had several tough games but managed to battle his way through to victory.

The total prize fund of £1550 was presented by the sponsors, being shared amongst the sections ranging from experts to complete novices.





1st GM Mark Hebden (Midland Monarchs) 4.5/5 £300

2nd= Brett Lund (Preston), Paul Macklin (Chorlton), David Hulmes (Stockport) and John Littlewood (Atherton) 4/5 £57.50 each

Grading prize: U184 John Stephenson (Pudsey) £20

Paul Macklin qualifies as Heywood Qualifier for British Championships

27 players



1st Paul Isherwood (Preston) 4/5 £160

2nd= Robert Taylor (3C’s), Stephen MacCormack (Middlesbrough), Andrew Lewis (3C’s), Tracey Thompson (Chorlton) and Jim Tennant-Smith (Heywood) 3.5/5 £24 each

Grading prizes: Gregarian Chisango (Chorlton), David Talbot (Blackburn), John Tompson (3C’s), Roger Chapman (Wigan) and James Nicolson £4 each 2.5/5

24 entrants



1st= Graham Ashcroft (Preston) and Chris Dunlop (Crusaders) 4/5 £90 each

3rd Tim Turner (York R.I.) 4/5 £30

Grading prizes: U127 Darren Jones (Lytham Ex) and Robin Wilding (Blackburn) 3.5/5 £10 each

30 entrants



1st= John Robinson (Swinton) and Craig Hanley (Lancaster RGS) 4.5/5 £75 each

3rd= Paul Hopkins (Heywood), John McKeown (Southport), Ben O’Rourke (Eccles), Roger Walker (Belper), John Sutcliffe (Chester YMCA) and Graham Hughes (Chorley) 4/5 each £5

Grading prizes: Harry Davies (Heywood), Angel Gonzales (Halifax), A Bramwell (Southport), David Hirst (Keighley), David Sugden and Nick Burrows £6.66 each

69 entrants



1st Adam Wiseman (Heywood) 4.5/5 £30

2nd= David Newton (Lytham Ex), Jonathan Ransom, Errol McKenzie and Andrew Martin (Heywood) 4/5 7.50 each

33 entrants


Lancashire Chess Association Centenary Prize: Adam Wiseman (Heywood), Craig Hanley (Lancaster RGS), Graham Ashcroft (Preston) and Chris Dunlop (Crusaders) £25 each


Total entry = 183 players (6% increase on 1996 congress)

Total prize fund = £1550 (3% increase on 1996 congress)

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